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Nonprofit Management isn’t easy. We’re here to help. The Snapcast is an interview-based podcast focusing on issues in nonprofit management—from board development, to fundraising, to volunteer management, and everything in between. We always look forward to your feedback, comments, and suggestions for the podcast. And we hope to inspire you and to illuminate the path to meeting your mission goals.

The Nonprofit SnapCast is a production of The Nonprofit Snapshot.

Nonprofit Snapshot

The Nonprofit Snapshot

You can call on the Nonprofit Snapshot for a variety of consulting needs. It takes passion to fuel nonprofit causes. The Nonprofit Snapshot helps you more efficiently funnel passion into management excellence. We can help you with anything from social-media support to full marketing strategy and implementation. We are equipped to help you tackle technical challenges of any size. And we have the knowledge and insights required to help you with fundraising plans and organizational strategy.

The Snapshot Micro-assessment

If you’re a nonprofit leader or you have a favorite nonprofit, you will find the Nonprofit Snapshot is the perfect tool for gauging the overall health and efficiency of any nonprofit organization. Donors and volunteers will also appreciate the Nonprofit Snapshot’s concise summary.

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