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Mickey Desai Headshot

Founder, Nonprofit Snapshot
Producer & Host, Nonprofit SnapCast podcast
Producer & Co-Host, The Thing About Cars podcast

Mickey Desai, a seasoned entrepreneur and host/producer of the Nonprofit SnapCast podcast, is dedicated to enhancing nonprofit organizations’ effectiveness. He pioneered The Nonprofit Snapshot, a revolutionary micro-assessment and dashboard tailored for nonprofits. Desai’s ongoing commitment to the nonprofit sector is evident through his podcast production and consultancy services.

With academic credentials from The University of Denver and Stetson University, Mickey Desai brings a wealth of expertise, insight, and a distinctive viewpoint to every engagement. His passion lies in advocating for clients, ensuring their narratives are accurately represented while respecting organizational nuances.

Driven by a deep-seated curiosity and empathy cultivated through academic pursuits and diverse professional experiences, Desai excels in fostering inclusive dialogues and facilitating problem-solving. He firmly believes that attentive listening is paramount to meaningful conversations, consistently prioritizing understanding and empathy in his interactions.