Stewardship of Resources, with Jacque Daughtry

Jacque Daughtry is the Executive Director of Literacy Now. We talk about her ability to expand during pandemic. Jacque says “Relationships have been our cornerstone since day one, and that has not changed…one of our former board members calls it our secret sauce.” We talk at length about her philosophies around the stewarding of resources, including the cultivation of volunteers and donors.

Designing Equitable Futures

On this week’s Possibility Project: More and more critiques and conversations are capturing the elements of design that reinforce white supremacist, white dominant, ableist, and cis-heterogeneous norms. The future of our work as changemakers rests on how we reimagine, elevate, and co-create disruptively. So, let’s get into the nitty gritty of addressing how we might… Continue reading Designing Equitable Futures


Create Protest: How Artists Frame Dissent and Hope

This week’s Possibility Project: Create Protest artists Man One, Naimah Thomas, and Florencio Zavala will exchange ideas around art & activism including the intersection of imagination/action, how artists create work that collides against fear and resistance, how the creation of artwork is in itself a political act, and how to create community around shared struggles.… Continue reading Create Protest: How Artists Frame Dissent and Hope