Live In Their World, with Robin Rosenberg

Live In Their World: Robin Rosenberg, PhD, is a psychologist, CEO and Founder of Live In Their Word.  They use Virtual Reality to address issues of bias an incivility in the workplace. Robin’s professional curiosity and clinical practice drew her towards the burgeoning field of virtual reality (VR) about 25 years ago. Robin followed the psychology of virtual reality literature for years, and then collaborated on research about VR.

Nonprofits Reimagined: Funding Strategies for Sustainability

Funding Strategies for Sustainability: Mickey played host for a virtual Nonprofit round table for the first edition of the Nonprofit Reimagined Summit. The “Nonprofit Reimagined” panel will galvanize top Nonprofit thought leaders for a robust discussion on funding strategies for nonprofit sustainability.

Empathy in Equity Centered Work

Empathy in Equity Centered Work: Equity is a growing focus for much of the work that we do in the sector, but what is the role of empathy specifically? Even more specifically, what is the role of empathy in social change work and how it intersects with policy, service design, and tech?