Delusional Altruism, with Kris Putnam-Walkerly

Delusional Altruism: Mickey gets to visit with Kris Putnam-Walkerly, philanthropy expert, advisor, and speaker. We discuss her book Delusional Atruism and examine why philanthropists fail to achieve change, and some concrete things they can do to transform giving.

Can Nonprofits Be Bootstrapped For Free?

Mickey speaks with Kate West, CEO of Your Fundraising Lab, and David Somerfleck, Founder and CEO of DMS Blue about the wisdom of using volunteers to staff critical organizational roles. Kate maintains volunteer-led organizations cannot grow or scale. Among the points we cover: 1.  Nonprofits need to distinguish between volunteers and unpaid staff and/or pro… Continue reading Can Nonprofits Be Bootstrapped For Free?

Snapcast seeking guests 2021

The Nonprofit SnapCast podcast is seeking guests. We’re always looking for philanthropic and nonprofit professionals to share their wisdom on the program. This time, we’re keenly looking for people who can talk with me about: Setting the stage for 2021 – How should nonprofits be planning? Going Mobile (anything related to mobile technologies for nonprofits)… Continue reading Snapcast seeking guests 2021

BryteBridge, with Brian Davis

SnapCast visits with Brian Davis of BryteBridge, formerly known as CharityNet USA. BryteBridge helps nonprofits with all their challenges: everything from startup to development, marketing, grant-writing, and compliance. How business has changed as a result of pandemic COVID and over-pivoting Culture and community We welcome support of the Nonprofit SnapCast via Patreon. We welcome your… Continue reading BryteBridge, with Brian Davis