Strengthening a Culture of Philanthropy in Times Like These, Rainmaker Consulting

SPECIAL EPISODE: Nonprofit SnapCast shares a presentation made by Rainmaker Consulting. A select group was invited to gather virtually, share best practices, and address the challenging times we find ourselves in. This episode is shared in its entirety.

In this session Rainmaker Consulting examines:
• How do we address the crisis?
• How do we use this crisis to both make good decisions for our present time and deepen connections with your colleagues, your mission and your supporters for long term sustainability?
• How can board members help your agency employ best governance practices for times of crisis?
• How can we maintain a connection with our staff, board, supporters, and stakeholders?
• How to lead your agency in a way that advances your work beyond where it currently is.

You’ll find all linked resources available via the Rainmaker website:

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