GlobalGiving During Pandemic with Michael Gale

We talk more about COVID-related challenges that all nonprofits may face: “Nonprofits are at the fore-front of community responses throughout the world. Many are also suffering financially because of limited resources and increased need. AND the individuals working in nonprofits are facing many of the same challenges as the rest of us: reduced income, childcare challenges, strain on mental health. Needs have never been greater and the work has never been more challenging on a personal and professional level.” We also touch on:

  • Changes and innovations GlobalGiving is implementing to lighten the load for their partners.
  • Lessons nonprofits may learn from pandemic, including the presence of a silver lining.
  • Challenging assumptions on what it means to be a responsive and supportive funder.
  • How to start setting strategic priorities for 2021 while in the midst of such uncertainty.

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