Seeking Guests for Navigator Series

Nonprofit SnapCast is seeking guests for its special NAVIGATOR series of podcasts. We want to talk to nonprofit leaders (Executive Directors, Board Members, Staff, Volunteers, Development Pros, etc.) who can talk about measures their nonprofits have taken (and are taking) to navigate the effects of pandemic on their operations. What are the things you’re looking out for? What lessons have you learned so far? How are you gauging what’s on the horizon? How do you stay nimble?

More is merrier, if more than one of your staff or board would care to join me “at the mic,” together. Please use this form if you or your colleagues would be interested in joining us for a future episode of Nonprofit SnapCast.

Thank you for your help!

Here’s the link to the SnapCast Contact Us page:

In addition to the Nonprofit SnapCast webpage, here’s a list of all the places where you can subscribe to the SnapCast:

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