Google Ad Grants

Google Ad Grants, with Chris Barlow

Chris Barlow, Director at Beeline, Inc., chats with Mickey about the Google Ad Grants Program and its ease of use for Nonprofits. This program is relevant now, more than ever, as nonprofits are trying to find ways to get discovered virtually, and to grow their subscriber/donor lists in advance of (virtual) fundraising events. We discuss:

  • Two characteristics to help nonprofits measure different marketing strategies & to pick the best one right now (these characteristics are Quickly Testable and Evergreen).
  • Google Ad Grants – what it is, and why it’s a good fit for nonprofits when taking the above two characteristics into account.
  • What Ad Grants is good for what it’s not good for.
  • Two stories of nonprofits with results that other organizations can hope for / achieve
  • When is it worth doing with no expertise in search ads, nor budget to hire an outside expert?
  • A short, online quiz to help nonprofits determine if Google Ad Grants is right for them:

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