Talking Volunteer Management

Talking Volunteer Management, with Corina Sadler, CVA

Corina Sadler, CVA, talks with the SnapCast about running a local government volunteer program that had capacity for up to 10,000 volunteers a year, and the circumstances that led to taking the volunteer effort down to 0 volunteers, overnight. Among the topics we touch on:

  • During pandemic and downsizing, it’s a mistake to get rid of volunteer managers.
  • Volunteer managers should be more valued within their organizations.
  • Volunteer managers should be using social media to tell their unique, professional stories.
  • When COVID hit, the volunteer management community turned on their computers and said “Help!” in every language and the global network has responded with loads of online support for volunteer engagement professionals. 
  • How professional associations need to pivot themselves to keep members and provide relevant benefits through COVID.

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