Revolutionizing Nonprofit Learning

Revolutionizing Nonprofit Learning, with Nancy Bacon

An excellent conversation with Nancy Bacon, Nonprofit Educator, Learning Strategist, and someone who thinks a whole lot about how to bring adult learning and nonprofits together. Nancy is also a co-host of the Nonprofit Radio Show. We talk about her efforts to revolutionize nonprofit learning:

  • Nonprofits have a lot in front of them. We can help them by changing how we think about nonprofit learning.
  • Learning means knowledge transfer, it means behavioral change, it means accountability.
  • Revolutionizing how nonprofits learn.  
  • A learning strategy can help an organization achieve its goals.
  • Nonprofits are supported by a whole range of associations, from nonprofit associations to service-focused organizations. If they had a learning strategy, their members would be better set up for success.

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