Empathy in Equity Centered Work

This week’s Possibility Project: Equity is a growing focus for much of the work that we do in the sector, but what is the role of empathy specifically? Even more specifically, what is the role of empathy in social change work and how it intersects with policy, service design, and tech?

We want to talk about:

  • What are the core values in the sector that align around equity + empathy?
  • In a sector known for addressing human needs, how do we bring more humanity to the work?
  • What are ways that power and agency can be shared?
  • What does a holistic problem-solving approach include?

We will dive in and explore this topic with our three amazing guests:

  • Amy J. Wilson, Author of Empathy for Change: How to Create a More Understanding World | CEO, Empathy for Change
  • Mari Nakano, Design Director, Service Design Studio, NYC Mayor’s Office for Economic Opportunity
  • Mai-Ling Garcia, Head of Digital Strategy & Engagement at City and County of San Francisco

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