Radical Allyship

Possibility Project – Radical Allyship

After the racial justice reckoning we have experienced particularly in the last year at a national level, the new buzz word is ‘allyship’ or being an ‘ally.’ In this episode, we discuss what it really means and how to be radical in rethinking allyship. We explore going beyond performative allyship, and ask questions like, – What happens when folks get tired of doing the work? – How do we actually undo the harm and build authentic connection? Our fantastic guests include:

  • Trella Walker Vice President, Chief Strategy Officer at Nonprofit Finance Fund
  • Tovi C. Scruggs-Hussein Thought-Leader Cultivating Conscious, Connected, & Courageous Leaders World-wide BE the Work – Racial Healing Allies Visionary
  • Fleur Larsen Facilitator: Social Justice Impact On Organizational Culture

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