The End of Philanthropy

The End of Philanthropy & Shifting to What’s Next

Our questions and approaches seek to advance collective action in our work and this conversation is, in part, inspired by this question of “What would the end of our dependence on philanthropy look like?” Our featured guests include:

  • Mario Lugay, Senior Innovation Director, Justice Funders
  • Pierre Joseph, Founder and Principal, P.E. Joseph Consulting
  • Lindley Mease, CLIMA Fund, Director, Co-Founder/Managing Director, Blue Heart

Join us to discuss the foundation of THIS article by Mario Lugay:

  • How can we stop the desire to accumulate wealth and help wealth holders actually spend down?
  • What if philanthropy didn’t exist? What is philanthropy building towards? Is values aligned-philanthropy enough?
  • What does a civic and political home look like today? And, what does that have to do with philanthropy?
  • How can government shift the philanthropic asymmetries we have today?
  • What do we need to be able to love our communities
  • How do we shift narratives around who are the protagonists in philanthropy? 
  • How do we build out the infrastructure to support key conversations that will translate to action?

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