Marketing For Nonprofits

Marketing for Nonprofits, with Jeff Wasserstrom

Jeff Wasserstrom is the CEO and President of JAW Enterprises, providing custom promotional products along with screen-printed and embroidered apparel. We talk about brand awareness and marketing for nonprofits. Among the things we discuss:

  • Brand Awareness – Handing out branded products to enhance your brand / image.
  • Custom Event Gifts – Participants for Races, Walks, and many other events for registering or participating.  These gifts create positive memories of the Non Profit that will last a lifetime.
  • Donor Gifts – Thank you Gifts which help create Good Will and shows appreciation from the Non Profit.
  • Apparel Program – provide logo apparel for employees and volunteers which helps promote their Non Profit and makes everyone feel a part of the organization.
  • Custom Gifts used for Fundraising Purposes – Selling custom items to raise money.

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