How Do We Train the Next Generation of Changemakers

How Do We Train the Next Generation of Changemakers?

There are numerous universities and programs focused on social innovation, social entrepreneurship, and social impact design. We will talk about the strengths and limitations of higher education preparing the next generation of changemakers.

We want to talk about big questions like:

  • How do colleges and universities account for the complexities and opportunities of co-design in the constraints of a semester?
  • How can institutions of privilege root in equity and access, and help students identify their own positionalities?
  • How do you help students shift from the theoretical to the real-life work of social change?
  • How can these large institutions teach innovation practices when they often struggle to use them?

Our fantastic guests included:

Odesma Dalrymple, Associate Professor, Engineering Exchange for Social Justice, University of San Diego

Nate Wong, Georgetown University

Ann Verhey-Henke, Strategic Director, Center for Socially Engaged Design, University of Michigan

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