The Beat Goddess

The Beat Goddess: Ruth Weiss – A Conversation with Elisabeth Montgomery and Melody Miller

Elisabeth Montgomery and Melody Miller launched the foundation after making a documentary film called ruth weiss: The Beat Goddess in 2019. At the time, ruth, born in 1928,  endured a long path to recognition as an original poet-artist. When she passed away on July 31, 2020, they committed to launching the 501 (c) 3 foundation that same year. 

The ruth weiss Foundation is a poetry grant-making nonprofit. Annual awards are given to poets worldwide who create highly original poems. 
We talk about the process of setting up the foundation:

  • Setting up the non-profit poetry arts foundation using legal zoom to save time and energy
  • Keeping the foundation board small and building the grant process and board Grant Committee in year one 
  • Expanding from outreach and social media in year one to hiring a PR firm for targeted print media exposure and opportunities for upgraded story-telling,  
  • The foundation works with the documentary film to deepen the connection to the legacy values of the Beat Generation poets – tolerance, compassion, and authenticity.