WHOlives, with Nicci Renouard

Nicci Renouard visits the SnapCast to talk about the Wholives mission to provide clean water in the developing world using the innovative Village Drill. We talk about:

  • Origin Story of how the Village Drill was created – this is the innovative tool that we use to drill our boreholes
  • What is the World Water Crisis?¬† – over 3 million people still die yearly from contaminated water and over 2 billion don’t have access to clean water¬†
  • The Village Drill versus other methods of drilling boreholes
  • WHOlives Community Funded loan program – communities own their own boreholes and are elevated out of poverty
  • Our focus is freeing women and girls from water slavery – also includes sexual predators at watering holes
  • Ease of donating to WHOlives – platforms and projects

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