Build Public Support

Build Public Support for Your Most Important Initiatives Using Communication Campaigns

We welcome Kristina McKean to the SnapCast. Kristina is an animal rights activist and founder of The Elephant Project. Kristina has been volunteering and making a direct impact on wildlife and conservation efforts both at home and abroad for years now. She has successfully drafted petitions, protested circuses, and created social media campaigns (#ElephantProjectWalk) to help amplify and spread awareness of these issues. She was even able to garner 200,000 signatures in 24 hours for a petition she spearheaded to help humanely retire and rehome an aging elephant in Southern California. Through her company, she’s helping fight the poaching crisis while also providing care to injured, abandoned, and abused elephants by donating 100% of net proceeds from the sale of her stuffed animals to on-the-ground, aligned organizations.

  • How philanthropic leaders can build grassroots support and community awareness 
  • How non-NPO business owners can still drive change/impact for their causes 
  • The best business models for bridging consumer products with charitable work

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