The 5 Ingredients of an Unstoppable Creative Team

Anthony Dicks visits the SnapCast to talk about leadership, leadership development, and working with creative teams.  He has spent over two decades preparing people with diverse responsibilities to reach their optimal leadership potential. He currently transforms leaders as the Senior Leadership Consultant for 180 Management Group.
Some of the questions we address:

  • How can leaders foster a creative work environment in a culture of hurry? 
  • What does a team of creatives need that other teams may not? 
  • What are the ingredients of a healthy creative team culture?
  • What are 5 things creatives need from their leaders? 
  • Why is it so challenging to manage graphic designers, copywriters, and marketers? 
  • How can a team leader become more sensitive to the needs and nuances of a team of creatives? 
  • What do most leaders misunderstand about marketing professionals in their organization?

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