You Shouldn’t Jump Into Your Next Strategic Plan

Why You Shouldn’t Jump Into Your Next Strategic Plan

Emily Taylor returns to the SnapCast. Emily is the Principal of teenyBIG. We talk about why you may not want to jump into your next strategic plan. Many funders say you “should” have a strategic plan. But if you keep putting it off, it may signify you’ve encountered one of the four little-known reasons organizations fail at strategic planning. These challenges can limit buy-in from your team, make the plan seem unrealistic in the eyes of your community, and prevent you from getting funded. They guarantee your strategic plan remains untapped and on the shelf.

Among the things we discuss:

  • Identifying strategic planning success blockers within their organization
  • Steps to resolving the biggest 4 reasons nonprofits fail at long-term planning
  • Rethinking the Strategic Planning process to work for the organization vs. against it

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