Gatherly, with Chris Cherian

Gatherly: Mickey talks with Chris Cherian, Co-Founder and CEO of Gatherly, a video conferencing platform designed specifically for events. Gatherly allows you to host online events where participants can seamlessly flow between one-on-ones, smaller huddles, and bigger groups. In a year where people have been limited to conference calls and forced interactions, people are craving a more interactive and genuine online experience.

Your Virtual Events, with Therese Jardine

Mickey gets to talk with Therese Jardine, Principal of Strategic Event Procurement. We talk about the shift away from in-person fundraising galas towards virtual events. Therese shares best practices and some solid advice about what nonprofits should or should not to when planning a virtual event. We welcome support of the Nonprofit SnapCast via Patreon.… Continue reading Your Virtual Events, with Therese Jardine