Gatherly, with Chris Cherian

Mickey talks with Chris Cherian, Co-Founder and CEO of Gatherly, a video conferencing platform designed specifically for events. Gatherly allows you to host online events where participants can seamlessly flow between one-on-ones, smaller huddles, and bigger groups. In a year where people have been limited to conference calls and forced interactions, people are craving a more interactive and genuine online experience. “Remember the feeling of bumping into an old friend at an in-person conference? You two step off to the side in the conference center hallway and take a few minutes to catch up before moving on to see the keynote speech together or to go find new medical professionals to network with. Your friend maybe even pulls you into a new conversation and introduces you to other people they know. If your conversation is cut short, you can always meet up later during the event when there’s time. This is how fluid networking can be in real life.” We discuss the ease of use and relevance of this software for nonprofits.

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