Loss Prevention, with Bob Hays

Loss Prevention, with Bob Hays: Bob Hays, Business Consultant with Schooley Mitchell. Schooley Mitchell examines your business services including Telecom, Waste and Merchant Services. They prepare a professional audit report from which they advise how you can optimize your spending – and significantly reduce costs. Their fees only come as a portion of any savings they’re able to find. If there are no savings then there is no fee. 

Managing Finances During Pandemic, with Amy Karson

Mickey visits with Amy Karson, CEO of Brand K Partners, their work with nonprofits, and how nonprofits may better manage their finances during ongoing pandemic. Among the topics we cover: How keeping clean books spells success vs failure for nonprofits. Numbers inform strategy. Good data helps planning, and provides a road-map. Nonprofits should not expect… Continue reading Managing Finances During Pandemic, with Amy Karson