Possibility Project: Burn The Table

Burn The Table: We always talk about the proverbial “table” in leadership and community work – come to the table, have a seat at the table, and set the table, but what if we “burned the table” and considered new forms of leadership and how we come together? We will explore models of collective action and collaboration that can lead us toward transformation in the sector.

Pet Peeves & Misconceptions, with Dawn Randolph

Pet Peeves:

Dawn Randolph is a Strategic Management and Public Policy Consultant. Our conversation stems from a discussion we had on social media regarding the question: “What would you want your for-profit peers to know about the nonprofit work you do?” We talk about a number of misconceptions people seem to have about the nonprofit sector, and a number of related pet peeves.

Building A Better Mouse, with Carol Hamilton

With more than 20 years experience in the nonprofit sector, Carol works with organizations to help them get clarity on strategic challenges for greater mission impact. Carol keeps a list of free resources on her firm’s website: Grace Social Sector Consulting. We talk about design thinking and human centered design: What is design thinking? How… Continue reading Building A Better Mouse, with Carol Hamilton