Seeking guests

Nonprofit SnapCast seeks guests.

The Nonprofit SnapCast seeks guests. We’re always looking for philanthropic and nonprofit professionals to share their wisdom. This time, we’re keenly looking for people (maybe HR pros?) who can talk with me about: Nonprofit organizational culture. How funding pressure shapes competition within the organization. Listening & Transparency among nonprofit staff. How to keep staff cooperative,… Continue reading Seeking guests

Your Virtual Events, with Therese Jardine

Mickey gets to talk with Therese Jardine, Principal of Strategic Event Procurement. We talk about the shift away from in-person fundraising galas towards virtual events. Therese shares best practices and some solid advice about what nonprofits should or should not to when planning a virtual event. We welcome support of the Nonprofit SnapCast via Patreon.… Continue reading Your Virtual Events, with Therese Jardine

The Nonprofit SnapCast and You

Focused man listening to Nonprofit SnapCast on headphones.

Thank you for being a part of the Nonprofit SnapCast family.  I wanted to take a quick minute to ask for your help and input on a couple of things. 1)  We are looking for your suggestions.  Specifically, if you know of someone who would make a good SnapCast guest, or if you have an idea for… Continue reading The Nonprofit SnapCast and You