Grant Writing Is Part of Program Management, Leonore Okwara

SnapCast got to visit with Leonore Okwara, Community-Based Participatory Research Program Management Expert. We talk about her history with the U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs creating the PMRG (Program Manager’s Resource Group) which unified all researchers and program managers together to talk about problems & procedures with implementing programs, and developing standardized procedures for program implementation throughout the department.

Our conversation also covers:

  • How program planning impacts the management of a grant.
  • Program Management and Grants Management should be integrated.
  • Tips for nailing down the science of designing a program and the grant effort to fund it.
  • The top three program management issues that nonprofits tend to encounter.
  • Program management systems (online tools), which must be adopted by all internal stakeholders.
  • Getting buy-in from all internal stakeholders
  • More advice for nonprofits as they pursue their program/grants agenda.

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