Architects Are Community Problem Solvers

Architects Are Community Problem Solvers, with Marci Reed

Mickey speaks with Marci Reed, Executive Director, Architects Foundation at The American Institute of Architects about the organization’s focus on empowering a diverse, next-generation of architects. Among the topics we cover:

  • Architecture is a profession held in high regard, although it’s mysterious to people who aren’t exposed to it either as a possible career, or as a client (think Seinfeld’s Art Vandelay).
  • The nature of design thinking makes architects natural problem solvers – which can lend itself to social impact solutions through well designed buildings and communities – which is also the reason the profession needs to be diverse – so all voices are on both sides of the table.
  • Architectural education is rigorous and expensive – architecture students who take out loans generally graduate with 25% more debt than the national average student loan debt.
  • In 1968 Whitney Young challenged the profession to become more diverse; we have made some strides but it’s not enough. (
  • We lost a generation of architects in the 2008 downturn; we could be facing a similar situation depending on how COVID plays out (architects can’t take their tests for licensure as testing centers have been closed).

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