Improving Nonprofit Employment Practices

Improving Nonprofit Employment Practices, with Kerry O’Brien

Mickey talks with Kerry O’Brien, Employment Lawyer & Labor Policy Consultant, about broad issues in U.S. Employment Law, and how nonprofits should make sure their employment policies match their values. Your nonprofit may not be living its values and may be communicating mixed messages that can contribute to employee disengagement and turnover, and yes, even lead to the lawsuits that well-done HR policy is meant to avoid. Among the things we discuss:

  • Employment law in the U.S. is pretty harsh, ranking last out of 71 countries in how easy it is to fire someone (OECD data).
  • Examples on how to change, or improve policies relating to employment practices, such as implementing a grievance process to off-set a harsh at-will disclaimer, enacting a severance pay policy, and explaining more about any employee benefits and how to access them.
  • Making the Employee Handbook a living document that is free of industrial-era clauses.

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