CariClub and Board Diversity

CariClub, and Board Diversity, with Rhoden Monrose

Rhoden Monrose grew up in Harlem, NY after emigrating from Saint Lucia at the age of twelve. Rhoden’s personal experiences with nonprofit organizations helped fuel his passion to develop a technology platform where other young professionals have the opportunity to engage with nonprofits at a higher level. He founded CariClub, a unique online platform strategically positioned at the intersection of corporate citizenship and professional networking. CariClub gives young professionals access to philanthropic leadership opportunities, specifically associate board positions with well-known nonprofits and foundations.  We discuss:

  • What Cari Club is, and the communities it serves.
  • The Importance of Diversity on Boards.
  • The Relationship Between Board Service & Leadership Development.
  • CariClub’s Pilot Board Matching Program for People of Color. 
  • How Rhoden uses the events of today as motivation for the future. 

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