GreenLight Fund

Green Light Fund Detroit, with Rishi Moudgil

GreenLight Fund is a growing national network of cities that lifts opportunities for children, youth, and families experiencing poverty. Each local site such as Detroit runs a community-centered process to:

  • Elevate critical priorities for residents facing barriers to social and economic mobility
  • Select and replicate one innovative, proven national program annually that complements the existing landscape
  • Invest in significant, measurable outcomes that are desired across sectors and neighborhoods
  • Galvanize local support to maximize social impact and long-term sustainability

GreenLight Fund Detroit has specifically focused on building power through a racial equity lens while launching effective programming locally. As the founding executive director, Rishi Moudgil is responsible for building these coalitions and empowering local leadership to collectively achieve the desired goals. GreenLight Fund builds power with residents and local stakeholders to decide what focus areas and programming are focused on within the community. A key example is their Resident Advisory Council, which pays local residents with lived experiences with poverty to advise on investments.

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