Fundraising for All

Fundraising for All: What Every Nonprofit Leader Should Know

Dave Paule returns to the mic to talk with Mickey about Fundraising for All, a comprehensive fundraising book he and his colleagues at Our Fundraising Search have written to demystify fundraising for nonprofits of all stripe and size.

This innovative book guides readers on:

  • The importance of a strategic plan as the foundation for fundraising;
  • How nonprofit executives and boards should manage their time in every stage of their fundraising and stewardship efforts;
  • The essential role board leadership plays in fundraising;
  • The critical relationship between the chief executive and, if there is one, the chief development officer;
  • Detailed instructions on “how to ask;” and
  • How smart nonprofits cultivate donors for the future.

The book provides detailed explanations of which fundraising tasks are the most important and which should be undertaken first by an organization. Annual giving, major giving, capital campaigns, and endowments are all explained in ten easy-to-read chapters.

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