Limitations of Empathy

Limitations of Empathy & The Future of Narrative Intelligence

Human relationships are at the center of humanity. They drive our culture, performance, and results across any organizational structure, geography, or sector. “Designing for Humanity” is a moral imperative we must consider embodying today to be successful in our impact. The inquiry, practice, strategy, and methodology allow for practices like narrative intelligence and design beyond empathy.

In this special event, Michael O’Bryan will shed light on these concepts and practices and lead us in a workshop on how to expand our knowledge and practices to reach greater relationship, approaches, and ultimately practices in design. The tools that Humanature deploys sit at the intersection of human, economic, and ecological resilience.

Michael is a practitioner and researcher in the fields of community development, organizational culture, and human well-being. He is an Innovation Fellow at Drexel University’s Lindy Institute for Urban Innovation and most recently served as Director of Learning at The Village of Arts and Humanities. Michael is the founder of Humanature, a design strategy firm working with nonprofits, businesses, and government agencies to transform how they understand and support human development, interaction, and performance.

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