Strategic Planning with Dolph Goldenburg

Strategic Planning with Dolph Goldenburg

Dolph Goldenburg visits the SnapCast to talk about strategic planning for nonprofits.  Dolph serves as a consultant, coach, and confidant for nonprofit leaders; and he is the Principal Consultant for Successful Nonprofits.

A good strategic planning process re-energizes your nonprofit organization by engaging your Board, staff, funders, and constituents in a meaningful manner. Nonprofits that develop a robust strategic plan build more effective programs, experience more fundraising success, and encounter fewer operational issues. The opposite is also true: charities that fail to plan typically struggle with programs, fundraising, and operations.

A good strategic planning process:

·      Aligns Board, staff, and donors around your mission and objectives
·      Guides and nurtures program growth
·      Offers a roadmap for governance
·      Supports the chief executive in management decisions
·      Serves as a fundraising tool

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