The 3C Model

The 3C Model, with Joey Goone

The SnapCast welcomes Joey Goone to talk about XXX.  Joey is the President of Utopia Experience, a full-scale event management company, that focuses on A/V, event production, videography and entertainment.  Joey has cracked he code on utilizing technology to benefit nonprofits in their events, helping them capture data to help them make more informed decisions. 
We talk about XXX.  Among the things we discuss:

  • The 3C Model
  • Event Experiences and Video Stories – why they matter
  • The neuroscience of why people gather, and how once you understand this, you can truly unlock your community
  • The difference between event production and transactional audiovisual
  • How to negotiate with hotels and venues
  • How to implement experiential designs and technology into your event
  • How to turn attendees into active participants

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