Choosing A Tech System

Emily Hicks-Rotella is a Nonprofit Data & Tech Strategist. Her firm, Make Tech Work For You, helps nonprofits with their technology:

Everything changes. We have to look at tech systems two opposing ways at the same time: Longevity and consistency with systems leads to more structured data and processes which can help with efficiencies and insights. BUT because everything changes you’ll inevitably have to change parts of your system, connect to newer ones, or change it altogether at some point, so don’t get too attached to what it is now.¬†We talk about:

  • Thinking about the whole ecosystem of data & tech at the org, and how a new system fits in
  • Questions to start with for yourself and your potential vendors (more formally known as having Requirements)
  • No system will address everything, so recognize there will be workarounds and improvements you’ll want in the future

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