Navigating the Diversity

Navigating the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Work of BGCMA, with David Jernigan

David Jernigan is the President and CEO of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Atlanta (BGCMA). For many companies and organizations, the past year has provoked critical conversations around diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and inspired many to take necessary steps to address systemic racism.  While the Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Atlanta (BGCMA) has been advocating for racial equity for over 80 years, they too have been on their own DEI journey over the past year.  With nearly 90% of BGCMA youth identifying as African American or Latinx and the large majority of BGCMA employees coming from racially diverse backgrounds, this past year has been a deeply introspective period for the organization.  We talk at length about these things, learning that how BGCMA navigates this journey together matters and ultimately defines the organization that they will become. 

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