Ahead of the curve

Ahead Of The Curve with NSITE, with Jonathan Lucus

Jonathan Lucus visits the SnapCast to talk about NSITE, placing individuals who are blind or have low vision in great jobs, and partnering with corporations to make it easier to hire, onboard, and retain these individuals.  They offer training programs for workers who are seeking to get into (or back into) positions in IT, finance, HR… NSITE also works directly with businesses to assure that their new hire is a good fit and that they are seamlessly incorporated into their workforce.

  • Many blind/low vision job candidates are well-qualified for a position, but are overlooked at a time when businesses are struggling to fill important positions.
  • This attitude of “too difficult to incorporate someone who is blind or low vision into our workplace” really needs to change, because with technology today, it simply isn’t true. It throws up barriers to employment for an employee
  • It is important to remember that the benefits of hiring a DEI candidate who has a disability goes well beyond meeting an internal DEI goal. In today’s world, diversity is a competitive advantage. Diversity of thought is incredibly important. Different lived experiences, different perspectives, different ways of working – these are all critical points in a workplace no matter what industry a company is in.
  • Partnering with some of the best organizations in the business to assure that our classes are accessible for those who are blind or low vision such as APH, Google, Baker Communications, and Cisco.

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