Little Allies, with Julie Kratz

Visiting again with Julie Kratz to talk about her book, Little Allies: A Children’s Story about Inclusion, Diversity, and Becoming an Ally, an illustrated children’s story that inspires kids to be their best with everyone, especially for those who may need an ally from time to time. We talk about the creation of the book,… Continue reading Little Allies, with Julie Kratz

Catching A Unicorn, with Jermaine Smith

Catching a unicorn: How do you stop and have that first conversation about diversifying your board? A candid Conversation with Jermaine Smith, Vice President of Major Gifts at City Year, Jermaine and Mickey talk about what it means to diversity a nonprofit board of directors, the challenges and difficulties experienced by both the board and potential board recruits.

Recruiting For Board Diversity, with Jim Taylor

Mickey visits with Jim Taylor, BoardSource Vice President of Leadership Initiatives. We talk about his experiences being recruited to boards and what makes for disrespectful recruiting endeavor vs something more fulfilling for all parties involved. Expanding and diversifying your network of potential board candidates Building an inclusive & welcoming board culture Being intentional about inviting… Continue reading Recruiting For Board Diversity, with Jim Taylor